November at Longshaw Estate, Peak District

Longshaw Estate lake, Peak District, Derbyshire, UK
 A couple of months ago I was showing posts from this blog to our friends Isabel and Dean. Their remark was an eye-opener for me - that most of the images are from winter time. It is true. I love an element of in-obviousness in photography, Autumn and winter aura lends itself very nicely here.
An interesting landscape feature can be seen in the photograph below. A sunken wall, delineating pastures from lawns in front of a hall, forms a barrier for animals like sheep, yet does not obstruct views to the valley beyond. Clever trick. I assume the modern fence is the blessing of the health and safety regulations.

Hidden wall, Longshaw Estate, Peak District, Derbyshire, UK
technical details:
top image: 1/40 s at F/10, ISO 400, focal length: 200mm, tripod mounted
bottom image: 1/3s at F/13, ISO 800, focal length: 73mm, tripod mounted
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