Evening cloud

1/10o s F/8 ISO 100 EF-S 17-55 at 27mm, handheld
17 feb 2007, 16:58

Taken on our way back from Samotnia. A great day out. I'm hoping to do it again next year.


Przełęcz Jugowska

Canon G10, handheld

The snow is here, and its freezing cold. I was planning to post some new images, showing the above circumstances but the card reader was somewhere else, attached to the Pianocraft in our kitchen. So, old work instead. These were taken on 1st November. We had a short walk with kids (short distancewise, otherwise it was quite long. And I forgot that kids walk sloooowly and got very cold, I was dressed for a quicker pace). The scenery was awesome, we were early enough to see the frozen fog on the trees and grass, before it melted.

Canon G10, handheld


Fall colours

1/16o s F/7,1 ISO 100 EF70-200 at 200mm, handheld, cropped
photographed with EOS 30D, 25-10-2009, 2:53 PM, Masyw Ślęży


Stawy Milickie, Bielik!

1/160 s F/4 ISO 400 EF 70-200 f4 L at 200mm, 6:57 AM

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Bielik, our national emblem bird. This was the first time I have ever seen one, let alone two ;) , in my life.
To encourage you to visit this place for birdwatching I've included a short video of the place where we watched the birds and the sunrise.


The road

Park Krajobrazowy Doliny Bystrzycy,
1/8 s F/9 ISO 100 EF 70-200 f4 L at 200mm, tripod mounted , 6:45 AM

This image was take on the same sunrise trip as the previous flower post (the photograph showing the last moments of the subject; 'Dad, I want to pick up some flowers for Mom', they made a wonderful wake up gift., as we came back home way before everybody else got up.)
The above has White Balance set to cloudy for that warm morning look, but I still am not sure if I prefer a postcard look or a chilly morning look with WB set to dayllight that's closer to the truth...
(the higher res image can be downloaded if you click on it)


Poppies at sunrise

1/13 s F/6,3 ISO 100 EF 70-200 f4L at 200mm, tripod mounted
Park Krajobrazowy Doliny Bystrzycy, 6:59 AM

Until I find a way to turn this feature off, you should click on the image to view the unblurred version.


King Lech

F/1.8 ISO 400 EF 50 1.8 MkII, handheld

Today was the day of the Potato Festival in Lech's kindergarten. And there was a competition to find as many potatoes hidden in the garden as possible. Our King was the winner with 7 points. He was proud and happy. Just before going to sleep he went to the batroom where the huge mirror is :)



1/30 s F/4 ISO 800 EF-S 17-55 at 33mm, -2/3, handheld

Taken on a lazy Sunday morning.


Windows 3

shot handheld with EOS 30D, 18.30, Ostrów Tumski, Wrocław


Rays, Cistercian Abbey in Lubiąż

1/6o s F/8 ISO 100 EF70-200 f4L at 81mm, tripod mounted
shot with Canon EOS 30D at 6:57 AM



Reflections, Cistercian Abbey in Lubiąż

1/6 s F/8 ISO 100 EF 70-200 f4 L at 163mm, tripod mounted 7.04AM
photographed with Canon EOS 30D

Following a post on motivation by John O'Connor I got up very early and drove to Lubiąż for morning session. The forecast was kind but the roadworks schedule was not and I turned at the site a bit late, though still before anglers :) The irritating part was that I did not notice that the camera was set to 'small normall' instead of RAW... Half of the shoot was lost to any serious postprocessing.


Micro Forest

shot handheld with Canon G10 in RAW mode


Hello again

Not too many posts lately, mea culpa. Let this image herald new posts showing my recent work. This is ... guess where, and what :)


Wet trees

1/2o s F/4 ISO 800 EF-S IS 17-55 at 40mm, handheld

Remember those 'precious' stones collected in the stream, or in the sea, how they turned matt and muted when brought home dry? Water can do miraculous things to the world we see.


1/25o s F/3.2 ISO 200 EF 50 1.8 mkII, handheld

[Shot in our backyard, with my favourite lens - to 50mm prime]. Ready to explode. So powerful. And delicate


Arboretum in Wojsławice by me

The last one is my favourite, reminds me of Picasso's work. Of course it's the pine bark detail

Arboretum in Wojsławice by Jan

When my son asked, that it was his turn to take some images, at first I opposed, as this was a borrowed camera. But after a thought and a bit of encouragement from my wife I handed him the camera, set to ISO 800 and f2.8 - the combined weight of the 300D body and fast lens makes it a challenge for him to hold it steady - and off he went. Looking at what he recorded I'm not sure whether I should post mine...


Re: Bad weather makes good pictures

1/5o s F/8 ISO 100 EF 28-105 at 55mm, handheld 1st April 2006

Here's an image that sprang to my mind after reading John O'Connor's story about bad weather. That day we had an afternoon storm and I decided to go for a photo trip. I had some nice rainbow pictures, various cloud formations, puddle reflections and was quite happy with the results. The clouds rolled in again and I was already heading home after driving around that alley, when suddenly the setting sun pierced the cloud veil. This was really a breathtaking spectacle.


Hannover EXPO 2000 series

people queuing along the Finland's pavilion

I just received a CD with scans of more than a hundred transparencies I took at EXPO 2000 exhibition in Hannover. This is an offset from our friend's plan to use my images in his book on transparency in architecture :)
I'll post some of them here.
The above image shows the queue to the very popular Finnish pavilion, clad in burnt pine planks (not entirely sure how it's done but I think its the thin burnt layer that protects the timber from the elements)
It was quite late in the evening but still light enough to shoot handheld, given the 2 dimensional character of the scene. That dark wall was really striking in its emptiness


Big Wheels

Image taken with Nokia E51, handheld, 29.04.2009 15:18. Post-processed in Canon's DPP

Big Wheels Keep on turning. Panta rei. When your camera is sent to maintenance something must fill in the gap - and it happens to be your phone. This image was taken on our last visit to the Botanical garden, and I wish I had my big camera. The built-in phone camera is 2MP, features digital zoom, selectable white balance and BW, sepia mode. The auto WB is completely useless and produces strange colors with ghostly green cast in midtones and shadows. Daylight WB works better but you have to select it manually every time you access the camera function - a bit annoying. Anyway, the image quality is not astonishing (you'd never guess, would you? ;) Heavy purple fringing, very noisy in anything but the very well lit parts, green cast in shadows, compression artefacts...
But its there right in your pocket, and its there always - 24/7 and there are moment when it's better to take what it can offer than be left with no record of what the eye can see at all.


no story this time, i'm yawning too...



1/4o s F/5.6 ISO 800 EF-S 18-55 at 35mm, handheld June 10th 2007

Shot handheld in a dense forest, near the waterfall in Przesieka. Nothing worth showing from the waterfall itself. This tiny tree caught my eye on our way back, some 20 m off the trail. Often the real gems are not where everybody's heading... All you need is to stop now and then and look around



1/5000 s F/4 ISO 200 EF 70-200 f4 L at 200mm, handheld, Easter Monday

There are many Magnolia trees within 50m from my home, so they make perfect subject for a quick stroll with a camera. There's a purple one in my garden and in a matter of days will be in full bloom - maybe I can even get someone to carry my tripod there? :)


different shades of pale - including whiter ones

1/125 s F/5 ISO 500 EF-S 17-55 at 55mm, handheld, 12.04.2009

1/400 s F/2,8 ISO 1600 EF-S 17-55 at 38mm, handheld, 21.03.2009

1/125 s F/5 ISO 800 EF-S 17-55 at 55mm, +1EV, handheld, 01.04.2009

This time everyone will get his share of the post (except the photographer, as always...)


Marcelina again

1/6o s F/3,5 ISO 400 EF50 1.8 MkII, handheld

Another photo by Janek


A line on the Horizon

1/50o s F/8 ISO 100 EF-S 17-55 at 55mm, handheld 13 April 2008

Taken during our family weekend in Karkonosze. What you can see here is the rim of the Small Lake Cirque, above Samotnia where we slept. More from this trip can be found here


In my arms

1/25o s F/1.8 ISO 1600 EF50 1.8 MKII, handheld

1/25o s F/1.8 ISO 1600 EF50 1.8 MKII, handheld, red filter in post-processing

1/10o s F/1.8 ISO 1600 EF50 1.8 MKII, handheld
All of the above images were taken by our son, Jan.