Little hitchhiker

At public beach in Gdynia, 2010-07-30 14:57:10


Black, Red, White

1/5o s F/.3 ISO 100 EF 70-200 f4L at 126mm,  handheld  2010-07-31 20:22:31
 Harbour at Hel peninsula

How fragile ...

These two were taken only four years apart at the edge of  Szczeliniec Wielki.

1/500 f5.0 ISO 80, Canon Powershot G11, 2010-08-21 16:20:02

1/500 f5.6 ISO 100, EF 50 1.8 Mk II, Canon EOS 300D, 2006-07-23 14:22:28



1/2500 s F/4.0 ISO 100 EF 70-200 f4L at 200mm, -1/3EV, handheld, standing chest deep in water, hoping not to fall

Last light

1/1600 s F/8.0 ISO 1600 EF 70-200 f4L at 200mm, -1 1/3EV, handheld  
Shot from the ferry from Hel to Gdynia. We spent all the journey on deck to watch the sun go down. The complex texture of water is hard to show at this scale. Having tried to replicate such surface in CG graphics makes me really aware how intricate it is.