Whitby, North Yorkshire

Whitby harbour

Swing Bridge, Whitby Harbour

Whitby seen from the top of 199 steps leading to St Mary's Church
Our visit to Whitby coincided with the Gothic Weekend, many strange looking people in the streets...
Here captain James Cook was trained and later set of aboard Endeavour for his first journey to south seas. During voyages of that time having an artist aboard was as basic as taking your camera to those exotic holiday destinations. Some of the drawings and engravings made during Cooks voyages can be admired in the small Cook Museum - definitely worth a closer look.


Derwent Valley

View from Burbage Edge towards Derwent Valley

Good night

Evening at Redmires Reservoir


Im Westen nichts Neues

Grazing sheep at Burbage Moor, Peak District


Higger Tor

Today’s images are from the same evening as the yesterday's post. The light was changing very rapidly. To demonstrate how rapidly I've included all images. The series below spans roughly 1 minute! This shows how strong the wind was. Some of the images are only 2,3 seconds apart.
The view is from the top of Higger Tor in Peak Districkt looking towards river Derwent Valley


Mam Tor

Mam Tor which means 'mother hill' is a prominent peak above Castleton. East face of the hill is scarred by a huge landslide that gave life to many smaller hills below, hence the name. On top Mam Tor was an iron age fort of which a massive ditch/rampart and burial mounds are still visible. A great place to watch sunset, so it must have been 3 000 years ago.


Haddon Hall

Haddon Hall is a beautifully preserved medieval fortified mansion located in Peak District. Because it has survived intact wars, fires and other misfortunes and also that it was not used for 200 years, the hall is a delight to visit. Almost all furniture is original so had there not been labels 'do not sit/touch' I would hug the tables and touch the wood panelling to feel the past generations of inhabitants - it's amazing to see the craftsmanship of old overlaid with centuries of wear.