Wooden staircase, Cistersian Abbey in Krzeszów

1/1o s F/5,6 ISO 1000 EF-S 17-55 at 17mm, handheld

I coud not resist the temptation to visit Krzeszów on my recent bussiness trip to Kamienna Góra. The place looks so different now, off season, covered in fresh snow. I was able to go into basilica minor thanks to restoration work still being carried on inside. I never noticed this beautiful spiral staircase before.


Lesiu sleeping

1/5o s F/1.8 ISO 3200 EF 50 1.8 , handheld


First Frost

1/4o s F/8 ISO 400 EF-S 17-55 IS at 55mm, handheld

Taken this morning in our park. Shortly after sunrise, that is on my way to work :)


All Saints'

1/125 s F/5 ISO 100 EF 50 f/1.8 , handheld

A new monument was opened this year in place of the now nonexistent crematory in Park Grabiszyński, to commemorate those all past citizens of Breslau. It features huge vertical granite slabs with inserts of various gravestones from the city's old cemetaries that yielded to new housing developments, parks and shopping centres...

1/50 s F/8 ISO 400 EF 50 f/1.8 , handheld

A stone throw from the above monument, Italian Soldiers cemetary, from the WW I, most of hem in their 20s. One name that caught my eye was Ferrari. I never thought of Ferrari as a family name...