Big Wheels

Image taken with Nokia E51, handheld, 29.04.2009 15:18. Post-processed in Canon's DPP

Big Wheels Keep on turning. Panta rei. When your camera is sent to maintenance something must fill in the gap - and it happens to be your phone. This image was taken on our last visit to the Botanical garden, and I wish I had my big camera. The built-in phone camera is 2MP, features digital zoom, selectable white balance and BW, sepia mode. The auto WB is completely useless and produces strange colors with ghostly green cast in midtones and shadows. Daylight WB works better but you have to select it manually every time you access the camera function - a bit annoying. Anyway, the image quality is not astonishing (you'd never guess, would you? ;) Heavy purple fringing, very noisy in anything but the very well lit parts, green cast in shadows, compression artefacts...
But its there right in your pocket, and its there always - 24/7 and there are moment when it's better to take what it can offer than be left with no record of what the eye can see at all.
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