Birds of Dark Peak

The bird pictured above is Red Grouse. We heard them first. I took my kids to climb Stanage Edge from Upper Burbage before the snow came. We kept hearing those croaking sounds and I really thought they were made by frogs! It is nesting season and the male grouse  has really bright red spots on both sides of the head. While its colour blends exceptionally well with dry heather the eyebrows really stand out. From time to time they burst into a short flight and when one did quite close to us we knew then these were no frogs, but birds we have never seen or heard before.

This gentleman was dueling another gentleman, 5m from the road. This is a car window shot! Luckily they did not escape and my camera with the telephoto lens on was lying next to my seat, switched on (I always keep it on) and without the lens cap. Wikipedia says the Common Pheasant is of Asian origin and was introduced worlwide as a game bird.
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