Kalenica Bukowa, #200

1/320 s at F/8, ISO 100, Av, focal length: 55mm, 2011/11/13, Kalenica Bukowa, góry Sowie 
Photographed with Canon EOS 30D, EF-S 17-55 f/2.8, handheld.
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 A beautiful day. We left very early ;) (9:30 which is middle of the night when speaking of getting the whole family up, fed and into the car) and spent the whole day walking one of our favourite trails, from Przełęcz Jugowska to Kalenica Bukowa via Rymarz. The night was frosty and foggy so in shaded areas there was still some frost on the ground. It was warm and the view from the obsrervation tower at Kalenica were simply breathtaking. I have brought more images to work on then I hoped for.
As this is the 200th post, as has become now a tradition I'm offering a print of your choice from what's been shown here. Just e-mail me.
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