San Marcello, Aleria, Corse

Double headed horse, Church of San Marcello, Aleria

San Marcello, Aleria
When travelling north along the east coast we stopped at Aleria, where the Roman settlement was unearthed, to visit the museum of antiquities. The museum, housed within an old fort, was full of precious things but seemed a bit outdated as far as exhibition design was concerned. The Corsica Museum in Corte, I will mention it here later, is a different story.
In front of the fort is the church of San Marcello built in 1886 but (as far as I can understand) in place of the much older structure dating from early middle ages (one of the five cathedrals built in Corse during XII c). The sculptures featured above are on the southern wall of the church. Does anyone can tell me what is written here?
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