A couple of firsts

A first no. 1: this post is being published on an Linux desktop system (Ubuntu)
A second first: all workflow for the image below was made with opensource tools including RAW conversion.
A third first: I went out to try my new panorama head.

This park mosaic image was made using 50mm lens on EOS 30D, 9 exposures.
Some initial thoughts:
When light is changing, it is essential to work fast, because exposure parameters will change from frame to frame. ergo - use Wide angles, not short telephoto.

The resulting panorama was stitched in Hugin, and the process was automatic. The file is 500MB uncompressed...
The final image was cropped to taste (to roughly 6000 x 6000 pixels) and processed to resemble Technicolor. Web version is scaled to 1000x1000. Clik on the image to enlarge.
Park Grabiszyński, Wrocław. 03.11.2010 8:00 am
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