Machines, machines

1/8o s F/5.0 ISO 80, Powershot G11, 2010-09-07 17:49:01;
MIG 24 detail, Army Museum in Świdnica
Last Tuesday I took my both sons and we visited the Army Museum in Świdnica and spent there about two hours lying under APCs studying suspension details, then jet engines, then...
All the things that boys love ;)

Jasiu amazed me when he sketched the jet engine from memory, after looking at it for maybe two minutes, I'll post it here later.
 I suppose not many of YOU are acquainted wit turbo jet design, so I tried to find a matching photo as we took none of that particular engine. As far as I remember the engine that Jasiu was studying was of MIG 19 fighter aircraft. Here's what I found on Flickr that shows some of the details of the front part.

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