House Under the Ivy, Karpacz

Childhood memories set aside, this is a very fine example of a farmer house from the beginning of XXc in Sudety. This ivy (hedera helix) is a listed Natural Monument, so is the Swiss Pine or Arolla Pine (Pinus cembra) at the right edge.
The workflow for the above image included b/w conversion using red filter in Digital Photo Professional (Canon's software supplied with the camera), -1EV, 0EV, +1EV bracket sequence from RAW (I find it really hard to get aligned sequence from separate images), enfusing the seqence into a single image and straightening the verticals in Hugin panorama software (the enfuse function is bundled with Hugin but can be used as standalone). Final crop and minor cloning in lower left corner was made in Gimp. All programs mentioned are either supplied with the camera or Open Source.
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