Corse, Nonza beach

1/6o s F/14 ISO 100 EF-S 17-55 at 17mm, handheld

Nonza is a tiny town, built upon a high clif on the west coast of Cap Corse, the norther tip of the island. As Cap Corse is, unlike the rest of the island, built of slate, the roofs here blend nicely with the landscape. But the most striking feature is the artificial beach, created as a by product of asbestos production. Tons of dark green stone were deposited here for thirty years until in 1965 the factory was closed. The beach stretches for c. 2km. The nice thing about this beach was that although it wasn't very warm on that day, the dark shade of the stones made them pleasantly warm.
1/1600 s F/4.0 ISO 100 EF 70-200L at 200mm, handheld
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