Engineered Landscape

Callow Bank and Carr Head at sunrise, Peak District National Park, UK


Mist in Padley Gorge

Oaks, Padley Gorge, Peak District National Park, UK
When I checked the weather for that morning it showed sunny day for Ranmoor, where we live, and fog for the neighbouring villages. Aha, I thought, we must be above clouds. After the kids were at school I took my second Mom, and we drove to Higgar Tor, where I took, among others, the photo from the last post. You try and find the spot on the wide frame below. Then we moved to Padley Gorge, as we had seen from above it was still within the mist layer. The mist had turned a magical place like Padley Gorge with its twisted trees into a truly extraordinary experience.

View from Higgar Tor towards Hope Valley


Floating Garden

Mist over Hathersage, Peak District National Park, UK


Sunrise at Burbage moor

Let's start with a postcard. Sheep waking up to a beautiful sunrise on a frosty morning. They appear to have chosen the spot to be in line with the rising sun, but they were already there, before the rays graced them. Sixth sense?

Dense-ish cloud cover that lends to such picturesque sunrises also means that the conditions change very quickly. In such conditions I use the 'shoot first - ask later' technique ;) and trust my instincts mostly. When seeing a potentially good subject I shoot several frames with slightly different framing and orientation. Really, there is no time to set up tripod and carefully study the composition. The other thing is that when I'm drawn visually to something I may not notice all the important details at the time of capture. Like the beautiful turbulent clouds below


Magpie and Moon

This shot crowned our afternoon walk around Sheffield with dear friends from Lincoln. Many promising photographs to follow the water-colour theme and a pleasant stroll that took to places never visited before.
Magpie and Moon, St Vincent, Sheffield


Night sky at Surprise View

When visiting the Surprise View parking last time I noticed a nice poster advertising this spot as a perfect place to watch stars, along with a diagram of the winter sky here. Silly me. As soon as I set up the tripod and the rest of the toys, a car with all headlights on went by, and then another, and the a double decker bus ...
Anyway I managed to get some frames in between the traffic.
In two weeks we'll go up north to visit the Hadrian's Wall and the youth hostel is pretty much at the end of the road among the moors of northumberland. That might be a better spot for stargazing.