Poppies at sunrise

1/13 s F/6,3 ISO 100 EF 70-200 f4L at 200mm, tripod mounted
Park Krajobrazowy Doliny Bystrzycy, 6:59 AM

Until I find a way to turn this feature off, you should click on the image to view the unblurred version.


King Lech

F/1.8 ISO 400 EF 50 1.8 MkII, handheld

Today was the day of the Potato Festival in Lech's kindergarten. And there was a competition to find as many potatoes hidden in the garden as possible. Our King was the winner with 7 points. He was proud and happy. Just before going to sleep he went to the batroom where the huge mirror is :)



1/30 s F/4 ISO 800 EF-S 17-55 at 33mm, -2/3, handheld

Taken on a lazy Sunday morning.


Windows 3

shot handheld with EOS 30D, 18.30, Ostrów Tumski, Wrocław


Rays, Cistercian Abbey in Lubiąż

1/6o s F/8 ISO 100 EF70-200 f4L at 81mm, tripod mounted
shot with Canon EOS 30D at 6:57 AM



Reflections, Cistercian Abbey in Lubiąż

1/6 s F/8 ISO 100 EF 70-200 f4 L at 163mm, tripod mounted 7.04AM
photographed with Canon EOS 30D

Following a post on motivation by John O'Connor I got up very early and drove to Lubiąż for morning session. The forecast was kind but the roadworks schedule was not and I turned at the site a bit late, though still before anglers :) The irritating part was that I did not notice that the camera was set to 'small normall' instead of RAW... Half of the shoot was lost to any serious postprocessing.