Arboretum in Wojsławice by me

The last one is my favourite, reminds me of Picasso's work. Of course it's the pine bark detail

Arboretum in Wojsławice by Jan

When my son asked, that it was his turn to take some images, at first I opposed, as this was a borrowed camera. But after a thought and a bit of encouragement from my wife I handed him the camera, set to ISO 800 and f2.8 - the combined weight of the 300D body and fast lens makes it a challenge for him to hold it steady - and off he went. Looking at what he recorded I'm not sure whether I should post mine...


Re: Bad weather makes good pictures

1/5o s F/8 ISO 100 EF 28-105 at 55mm, handheld 1st April 2006

Here's an image that sprang to my mind after reading John O'Connor's story about bad weather. That day we had an afternoon storm and I decided to go for a photo trip. I had some nice rainbow pictures, various cloud formations, puddle reflections and was quite happy with the results. The clouds rolled in again and I was already heading home after driving around that alley, when suddenly the setting sun pierced the cloud veil. This was really a breathtaking spectacle.


Hannover EXPO 2000 series

people queuing along the Finland's pavilion

I just received a CD with scans of more than a hundred transparencies I took at EXPO 2000 exhibition in Hannover. This is an offset from our friend's plan to use my images in his book on transparency in architecture :)
I'll post some of them here.
The above image shows the queue to the very popular Finnish pavilion, clad in burnt pine planks (not entirely sure how it's done but I think its the thin burnt layer that protects the timber from the elements)
It was quite late in the evening but still light enough to shoot handheld, given the 2 dimensional character of the scene. That dark wall was really striking in its emptiness